Wedding in the Hills

This weekend I attended a wedding in the beautiful College Valley, Northumberland. The bride and groom camp there and got engaged there, so they knew it was where they wanted to make their vows. They were after a more relaxed feel to their wedding, and it was an amazing day! 

The venue was Cuddystone Hall, a tiny place that felt like a village hall, without the village. It was the only building for miles around, and the views were spectacular.  Even though it was a simple building, they worked hard for days to make it look lovely, incorporating pinks and purples via ribbons, lanterns and flowers. The ceiling was string up using only one ladder between them! If that’s not commitment I don’t know what is. I especially liked the maps on the tables, which I thought was a cute touch for such avid hillwalkers. 

Food was a lamb roast (like a hog roast but with lamb) served outside under a gazebo. It was delicious. There was also a cake table and meats and cheeses to help us recover after vigorous amounts of dancing, and party games (including easter egg rolling and blindfolded map folding).

 The bride and groom looked fab, the perfect amount of uniqueness yet still looking ready for a wedding. The bride’s bright pink underskirt was particularly amazing. All in all it was a beautiful day, and it shows how you can transform a simple venue to give you your own perfect wedding. 


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